Cryptic Messages from Serial Killers That Were Never Decoded

Throughout the annals of crime history, serial killers have often left behind puzzling clues, sometimes in the form of mysterious messages or codes. While many of these messages have been decoded by expert cryptographers, authorities, or even everyday citizens, there are those that remain unsolved to this day. These enigmatic messages pique the curiosity of detectives and the public alike, as we wonder what dark secrets they may hold. Let’s delve into some of the most baffling codes left behind by infamous serial killers.

The Strange Symbols of Dennis Rader

Dennis Rader, better known as the BTK (Bind, Torture, Kill) killer, haunted Kansas for decades. In one of his communications, he drew a strange set of symbols. While many of his letters were deciphered, these symbols remain unexplained.

The Alphabet Murders’ Enigma

From 1971-1973, three young girls were killed in the Rochester, NY area. Each victim’s name and the town they were found in started with the same letter. While the killer was never found, several letters referencing an “alphabet key” were sent to local media but were never decoded.

The Mysterious Numbers of Samuel Little

Samuel Little confessed to 93 murders over several decades, making him one of the most prolific serial killers in US history. In his prison cell, he left behind a series of numbers on paper that have yet to be decoded.

The Unresolved Diary of John Wayne Gacy

While known for the horrific murders of 33 young men and boys, John Wayne Gacy’s diary also held coded messages. To this day, portions remain undeciphered, and their meanings are unknown.

The Taunting Teletypes of the Original Night Stalker

This unidentified killer is responsible for multiple murders and rapes in California during the 70s and 80s. Several teletyped messages sent to police contained cryptic sequences, which remain unsolved.

The Ciphers of the Baton Rouge Slayer

Derrick Todd Lee, known for a string of murders in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, left behind a series of ciphers that have stumped experts for years. The reason for these codes, and their meanings, remain a mystery.

The Silent Notes of Israel Keyes

A meticulous planner, Israel Keyes left behind numerous notes with symbols and numbers that authorities have yet to decode, raising questions about potential undisclosed victims.

The Haunting Sketches of Randy Kraft

Randy Kraft, convicted of 16 murders, left behind eerie sketches with symbols. Some believe they might reference other unknown victims or locations.

The Enigmatic List of the Phoenix Canal Murders

In the 1990s, a series of bodies were found in Arizona’s canals. A list of seemingly random numbers and letters connected to the case was discovered, but its meaning remains hidden.

The Unexplained Letters of the Boston Strangler

Albert DeSalvo confessed to being the Boston Strangler, but doubts linger. Among the many questions are several letters with cryptic passages that haven’t been decoded.

The Disturbing Doodles of Ted Bundy

Infamous for his charm and brutality, Ted Bundy left behind various doodles with embedded symbols. Their significance remains elusive.

The Veiled Words of the Hillside Stranglers

Cousins Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono, the Hillside Stranglers, left notes with cryptic statements. Though much of their terror is understood, these messages are not.

The Obscured Codes of the Freeway Phantom

Responsible for six known murders in Washington D.C. during the early 70s, the Freeway Phantom left notes with mysterious number sequences still unresolved.

The Inscrutable Journal of Aileen Wuornos

The life of Aileen Wuornos was filled with tragedy and violence. Her journal contains passages in code, hinting at more secrets.

The Ambiguous Diary of David Berkowitz

David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam, kept diaries with puzzling number patterns that investigators haven’t been able to crack.

The Silent Squiggles of Jeffrey Dahmer

While Jeffrey Dahmer’s crimes are widely known, scribbles found in his apartment with unexplained symbols remain a mystery.

The Unreadable Ramblings of Richard Ramirez

The Night Stalker, Richard Ramirez, left behind a series of letters with sections in an indecipherable code.

The Masked Messages of the Toolbox Killers

Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris terrorized California in 1979. Notes with mysterious sequences were found, but their meanings are unknown.

The Esoteric Signs of the I-70 Killer

Spanning multiple states, the I-70 Killer left a trail of bodies and enigmatic signs. Their relevance is still being puzzled over.

The Concealed Clues of the Green River Killer

Gary Ridgway confessed to 71 murders. Among his belongings, authorities found notes with cryptic markings yet to be interpreted.

The Hidden Hints of the Brabant Killers

In Belgium during the 1980s, the Brabant Killers were responsible for a violent spree. Coded messages linked to them have never been deciphered.

The Puzzling Pages of Jack the Ripper

Perhaps the most infamous serial killer of all, Jack the Ripper sent letters with coded sections. Some remain unsolved, adding to his enigmatic legacy.

The Baffling Bookmarks of the Claremont Killer

Bradley Robert Edwards, known as the Claremont Killer, left behind bookmarks with odd symbols. Their purpose and meaning remain concealed.

The Perplexing Patterns of the Zodiac Killer

While some of the Zodiac Killer’s codes have been cracked, several still defy understanding, leaving lingering questions about his intentions and identity.

The Enigmatic Etchings of the East Area Rapist

Before becoming the Golden State Killer, the EAR left behind objects with mysterious etchings, their meaning still unknown.

The Mysterious Morse of the Long Island Serial Killer

Though unidentified, the LISK is believed to have left coded messages in Morse code. The content remains a mystery.

The Secretive Symbols of the West Mesa Bone Collector

In Albuquerque, the remains of 11 women were found in 2009. Nearby, symbols etched into stones remain unexplained.

The Inexplicable Notes of the Highway of Tears Killer

Along Canada’s Highway 16, numerous women have gone missing. Notes with odd sequences were found, but their meaning is unknown.

The Hidden Glyphs of the Servant Girl Annihilator

In the 1880s, Austin, Texas, was terrorized by a killer. Letters with peculiar glyphs sent to media outlets have never been explained.

The Veiled Verses of the Vienna Woods Killer

Jack Unterweger, known for crimes across continents, left poems with cryptic verses that still haven’t been fully understood.

The Unfathomable Files of the Backpacker Murderer

Ivan Milat, responsible for at least seven murders in Australia, kept files with indecipherable codes.

The Obscure Oaths of the Snowtown Murderers

In South Australia, bodies were discovered in barrels. Among the evidence were notes with oaths written in an unknown code.

The Cryptic Captions of the Monster of Florence

This unidentified killer in Italy left a series of photos with cryptic captions, adding to the case’s mystery.

The Concealed Characters of the Beast of the Ardennes

Marc Dutroux, known as the Beast, kept journals with concealed characters hinting at unknown aspects of his crimes.

The Muddled Manuscripts of the Cleveland Torso Murderer

Active in the 1930s, this unidentified killer left behind manuscripts with muddled sequences that have confounded investigators.

The Indecipherable Inscriptions of the Doodler

In San Francisco during the 1970s, a killer targeted the LGBTQ+ community. Sketches left at crime scenes had inscriptions still awaiting decoding.

The Enshrouded Entries of the Moors Murderers

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, responsible for multiple child murders, kept diaries with entries in a puzzling code.

The Secret Signs of the Suffolk Strangler

Steve Wright, known as the Suffolk Strangler, left notes with signs that have yet to be interpreted.

The Concealed Ciphers of the Ipswich Ripper

In the 1900s, a series of murders in Ipswich led to the discovery of ciphers that have stumped experts and remain concealed.

The Mysterious Markings of the Grim Sleeper

Lonnie David Franklin Jr., known as the Grim Sleeper, left a series of markings related to his crimes. Their meaning remains unknown.

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